Supporting and Raising a Natural Anarchist

Supporting and Raising a Natural Anarchist:

all children are natural anarchists and free-thinkers.  this is the natural state for any animal.

my parenting values are largely based on self-expression, free-thinking, and personal development.  which, when examined openmindedly, is in essence, the raising of an anarchist.

I am not saying you should raise your children to be anarchists or terrorists, I’m just saying that this is their natural state, and that our job is not to teach our children to be cogs.  our children should be supported in being individuals, and thinking for themselves.  we should encourage them to question things, and look at them from another way, and not blindly accept what they are taught.

however, teaching your children anarchism or any political view is equivalent with dogmatizing children with religious beliefs.  it’s unfair to force our beliefs on our children from a position of power, and being larger, and the provider, places us in a position of power.  we are the ones who control whether they receive food or shelter, or really anything else.  there is nothing we can do to remove ourselves from this position of power.  however, we can do everything we can to NOT ABUSE this power, and to provide children with the most power they can experience themselves.

we must allow children to have their own interests, and support them in it.  sometimes they may mimic ours, sometimes not.  if their choices are dangerous to them, their minds, or their health, are the times when we should intervene, and the intervention should come just as that.  not as demanding pressure, or guilt, but through explanation and discussion.

our culture and society are made 2 be brainwashing systems that leave us fearful, bored, accepting and compliant.  we should try to prepare our children for this as much as possible.

I try to keep my kids away from flouride excess sugar, caffeine and processed foods, because I believe these to be tools of a system which breaks down and pollutes our minds and bodies.  once Israel became old enough to question these decisions, I explained them to him, and he is in agreement with me… 90% of the time.

we should try to point out the voice of Mother Culture to our children, when we see it around us or when we hear them repeating it to us.  encourage them to question things, view them a new way, and ask them what they think.

for very small children, their exposure to the media and Cultural programming should probably be limited, but as they grow, they need to be exposed, they need to be prepared, so they can experience it and question it.  Children should be taught to question the media, the world, and the rules around them.


this is the hard part.  we have the programming that children should be dominated, should blindly follow our rules, and should listen to what we say without question.

but if your child comes to you with a good reason as to why a certain rule of yours is either unfair, outdated, moot, or needs ammending, show them the respect of discussing it open-mindedly with them, and choosing together as to whether to change, negate or ammend it.

after a certain point, your home should be a reason-based autonamous collective, instead of a dictatorship.  children’s powers of reason begin much earlier than people think, especially if encouraged.


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