The Medical System and Midwifery

the american medical system has become a self-serving system, driven by greed, hospital perogatives, and the pharmaceutical companies.

the FDA supports this, every step of the way, okaying foods and medicines w/ side affects, banning or limiting forms of medicine that place power in the hands of the people, and twisting research to be more financially profitable.

one of the worst (or best) examples are the studied done on the connection between vaccines and the presence of neurological disorders in both children and the elderly (did you know alzheimers, which is an Autism Spectrum Disorder {ASD} has increased dramatically since the flu shot has been introduced?  now available at your local grocery store, pharmacy, and wal*mart!).  the ones that are NOT funded by the pharmaceutical companies, are suppressed, little seen and little heard, and they show HUGE connections.

The ones that are funded by the pharmaceutical companies will not include autistic children, OR children with severe ADHD in their studies, saying they are ‘unable to participate’.  nor do they include unvaccinated children at all, instead dividing them into the categories of ‘high exposure’ and ‘low exposure’.

why would the pharmaceutical companies want to lower the occurance of ADHD?  or doctors, for that matter, the handful that are aware of the potential relation.  their offices receive funding from the pharmaceutical companies, and the pharmaceutical companies MAKE BANK on every child who is diagnosed with an ASD.

I’m not necessarily saying that ALL doctors are money-hungry motherfuckers (but why is it people want their kids to grow up to become doctors?  for the positive impact they’re going to make on the world?  no.  for the same reason why they want them to be lawyers.  the income.  the medical system and the legal system are two of the most corrupt sub-systems that exist within our wicked corrupt system.), but the ones who are not, are trained, as is everyone in our culture to NOT ASK QUESTIONS.

and unfortunately, the medical schools also receive funding from, guess who, the pharmaceutical companies.

branches of medicine that do not benefit the hospitals or pharmaceutical companies are under attack.
midwifery is already illegal in many states, due to it’s low level of medical or medicinal intervention, and regardless of the fact that midwife attended births have lower levels of complications than o.b. attended births.

no hospitals benefit from midwifery (except when the midwife is employed by the hospital, which frequently means it loses much of it’s benefit for the woman), nor do the pharmaceutical companies, nor do they benefit from birth centers, so now birth centers are ALSO under attack, leaving many midwives w/ nowhere 2 go, especially 4 women who have been culturally frightened of homebirth (which has been proven to have a lower risk of complications than hospital births, AND, I should mention, has been happening in ALL cultures for MILLIONS OF YEARS.), and are thus trapped into having a hospital birth, regardless of their wishes.

midwifery is on the brink of being driven back underground, as it was in the 70’s.

there’s a part of me that approves of anything that functions as successfully underground as midwifery has in the past, but the struggle lies herein-
ANY woman, deserves to deliver her child(ren) wherever she wants, w/ her choice of attendee, her choice of birthing style, and in the atmosphere that she desires.

if midwives are driven underground, women who are afraid of can’t afford a hospital birth, will often be forced to have UNASSISTED homebirths.  this is their choice.  but the removal of a midwives wisdom from these scenarios can increase the risk exponentially, esp. w/out pre and post-natal support.
much like the home or back-alley abortions of the past.  the medical system can’t stop women from doing what they want with their bodies, but they can make it a hell of alot more dangerous.

more and more hospitals are treating pregnant women as cash cows, especially if they have ANY form of insurance.  low income families are especially at risk, due to lower levels of education, and increased pressure from every resource they turn to which tell them to trust doctors indefinitely.  also, when a woman becomes pregnant, she automatically received state medical insurance.  which, in some areas covers only births with either an induction or a c-section (the two frequently go hand-in-hand), and in very few areas covers midwives or birth centers.

a higher # of high-risk pregnancies, means a higher level of funding.
the local hospital in my town (Mason General), is trying to get funding to be able to perform epidurals.

in order to justify this (since the World Health Organization only approves episurals in the event of high-risk, complicated labors and c-sections… who knew?), they are terming more and more women’s pregnancies “high risk” and scheduling inductions and c-sections.

in order to pull this off, pregnant women, whose protective instincts are at an all-time high, must be kept in a constant state of fear.

the only women’s clinic in town is owned by the hospital, and they perform this job well.  they even suckered me… for a period of time.

they had me labled high-risk, diagnosed with and medicated for a condition I do not have, but when they scheduled me for an induction without my consent (or even my knowledge) they had pushed it too far.

so began a month-long battle for my medical records and lab results, so that I could get a second opinion.

once we finally had them, the discrepancies were amazing.

the doctors notes and records did not allign in any way w/ the lab results.
what they had listed as a serious protein deficiency was stated in the lab results as “indeterminate”.  another condition they had me diagnosed with would have made it impossible for me to have EVER carried a child to term and whereas it requires 2 genetic mutations I only have one.  which makes me a potential CARRIER.  so, thusly, it’s a condition my children could potentially have, if they had a father with a genetic mutation as well.

meanwhile, the high-fat diet they put me on made me develop gall-bladder problems, so I couldn’t stop puking and ended up hospitalized with severe dehydration.  this was the high-fat diet they put me on after the high-carb diet they had me on caused me to develop gestational diabetes.  they put me on this diet in the fear that I wasn’t gaining enough weight for my bracket, even though the baby was regularly in the perameters of weight for her stage of development.

a word to any pregnant women in mason county:
they are not working with your best interest in mind.  their interests are financial and they are on the hospitals payroll.  as early in your pregnancy as you can, find a midwife.  if you DO go to MVWHC, and they try to diagnose you with ANYTHING,

Get. A. Second. Opinion.

this, really, I can expand outside of mason county.  before you go to a clinic or a doctor, study your options.  look into midwifery and birth centers in your area.  if your insurance won’t cover them, see if you can set up a payment plan or some kind of financial arrangements.  some midwives even accept barter for part of their pay.  look into home birth.

there are situations where doctors and hospital births are indeed necessary, but if you’re being told that you are in one of those high-risk situations by someone who is making no financial profit for doing so, that’s when you can trust their opinion.  and even then… you can still get a second opinion.

also, midwives that are employed by hospitals are often called ‘medwives’.  they’re sort of a middle ground between the O.B. and the midwife.  they tend to be more laid-back than the O.B., but with still highly-medicalized beliefs and tendencies.  don’t think just because the name “midwife” is attached to someone they’re going to be the best option for you.


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