the past couple days it’s becoming hard to kind of gauge and keep track of where I’m really at.  I know I need to keep writing, but I feel so scattered.  there’s alot of stress in our lives right now, we’re attempting to move, and I’m just hoping it goes through before the lovely Sydni-Fae makes her appearance.

there’s just this… edginess and exhaustion that’s setting in, that I don’t really remember in my pregnancy with Israel.  of course, that was 6 years ago.  there’s a chance I’ve just forgotten.  I’ve added dandelion tea into my daily intake, which will hopefully increase my energy levels slightly, as well as bolstering Sydni’s liver and helping prevent jaundice.

I’m reading Ishmael again.  which is always awesome, every time I go back to it, it jumps out at me.  Ethan got me my own copy this time, and I’m delighting in being able to high-light and write in the margins of my very own book.  brilliant.  I hope to pass it on to my children someday.

-Domestic Anarchist

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