Trying to Remember What Matters

We’ve been trying so hard to move, but it seems like anywhere that’s actually in our price range is either a slum, an  undesirable area, or is ancient, and hasn’t had lead paint testing done.

new baby + lead paint = bad combo.

it looks like I may have to accept that we’re going to be in a one bedroom apartment when Sydni’s born.  …really, at times, that doesn’t phase me at all.  it’s already kind of crowded with just the three of us, but children and parents having separate rooms is a very american mentality.

it’s cultural programming, really, that makes me uncomfortable.  trying to get outside of “what should be” and what other people think, and just accepting what is, is what it comes down to.

and what is… honestly, is pretty good.  we live in a good area, everything is easily accessible to us, we’re on the bus line for Israel’s school.  and most importantly.

I have a happy, creative, intelligent child, who is perfectly content having a bunkbed over ours, and a happy, creative, intelligent husband, who may not be completely happy with our living situation, but is always there to remind me that sometimes things just don’t work, and eventually they will, with the confidence that was part of what made me fall in love with him.  the quiet calm under his chaos.

we have a new member of our family coming.  I have never rejected someone on the basis of “not having enough room”.  nor, whenever I had someone coming to visit, especially family, have I gone, “oh god, where are we going to put them?”

we have always had the mentality that as long as there was floor space, we had room.  …not that we’re going to put a baby on the floor of course, but Israel and I, and Israel Ethan and I, have slept in a large variety of different places, without suffering any kind of damage.  it’s not like Sydni’s going to come out and be like, “well, you guys certainly didn’t plan this very well did you?”

although, I must admit, that’s probably a very common mentality around us right now.  but since when have we ever been ones to worry about what the people around us thought?

-Domestic Anarchist

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