Oh, the joys of moving!

holy shit, it’s been almost two months!  …my old laptop came out of storage barely functioning, and when we acquired a new one we discovered that we cannot get wireless at our new house.  so, we brought back the new laptop to get one with a phone jack so we can use dialup, and then ended up getting another new laptop, also with an Ethernet jack and no phone jack, but we got an external modem to go with it.  which is what I’m on now.  so, hurrah!  finally, internet access.  thank god for financial aid.  The Husband gets his computer for school, I get blogging ability back.

so yes, we’re in our house.  our very own house, after all this time of searching.   3 bedroom, with front and back yard, carport, nearby lake and woods, and fairly laid back community.  The Wizard had to change schools, but he’s adapting well, and actually doing better at his new school than his old one.  (though I have already called and talked to his teacher about how he reacts, and how best to encourage him.  …if you critisize him in any way, he’ll balk, freeze, and do nothing.)

The Squid is doing quite well, growing like a… squid.  we’ve dedicated this weekend to trying to get her days and nights straightened out, since she was sleeping the majority of the day, and then being up til 4:30 in the morning, which was fucking.  blaaaaagh.  I turned into a zombie, and have developed a gnarly caffeine addiction.  …the good news is, yesterday we got her to sleep around 11, and she didn’t wake up til about 7!  I mean, she woke up twice inbetween but just wanted to eat and go back to sleep.  at seven, she awoke, was up for about an hour, and then went back to sleep til about 11 again.

…at the moment, The Husband is trying to get her to sleep, but judging by the frantic whining and patting noises issuing from the game room (yes, it’s a 3 bedroom, but why in the hell would a squid need her own room?  so, the nice thing is we have a game room, which gets the TV out of the livingroom.), I may have to step in shortly.

…speaking of The Husband.  it seems like since we’ve moved, we’ve done nothing but fight.  one conflict will FINALLY get resolved, we’ll have a day or two of bliss, and then something else happens and everything goes to shit again.  he doesn’t seem to have any concept of when I’m still… tender from previous arguments, and not really in the mood for his “ha-ha, that was funny because it’s something a complete asshole would say” jabs.  I understand that he’s not being serious, but sometimes his sense of humor is completely unnecessary.  …as well as tactless and mean.

stuff that would normally be kind of funny is alot harder to have a sense of humor about when I’m struggling trying to get along after our last argument.  I don’t feel like I trust him, and I’m irritated by the amount of time I try to put into trying to get along with him, when it seems like mainly what he does is “aw, shit, pissed her off again somehow.  AVOID!”

blagh.  anyhow.  aside from my marital struggles, functioning as a Domestic Anarchist is much more interesting in a house!  much more room to take care of, but also much more to be creative with.

so, I’m realizing how much more there is to being domestic, other than just parenting, so this blog is going to expand a bit from just anarchist parenting philosophy, to recipes and household tricks… I have this vague little fantasy drifting about of being the punkrock martha stewart, but I’m not sure how well I’d pull that off.  maybe I’ll at least get a video of my safety-pinning my turkey closed up on youTube come thanksgiving!

speaking of holidays, the one that occurred between internet connections went well!  The Wizard was with his dad for Halloween this year, so we threw him a Harvest Party the week before, and it was a success!  the kids painted pumpkins, bobbed for apples (in green jello instead of water… trying to cut down on germ exchanges and avoid piggy sniffles.), dipped those apples in caramel and hunted for ghosts.  at the end of the night he had another friend come over to eat dinner and watch The Nightmare Before Christmas (which resulted in a slight altercation: Ry-Ry declared the movie “Just rediculous!” and The Wizard declared that “Zombies are just awesome!” and they had to be redirected into a game of Hide-and-Ghost-Seek.  ain’t I clever?  they didn’t even notice their pillowcases were stripey and ruffled @ the bottom.).

then, on All Hallows Eve itself, I intended to have a Sam Raimi (Evil Dead) Marathon, accompanied w/ homemade mac and cheese, but unfortunately, all I had was whole wheat flour, and I didn’t think about the consistency difference, and made my cheese sauce w/ it anyway, which failed utterly.  …the cheese sauce was salvagable as chip dip after I added some salsa though, and I’d gotten blue tortilla chips, which was an awesome combo.  however, by the time dinner was salvaged and trick-or-treaters were dispersed, we were all exhausted and passed out before the first movie was over.

anyhow, here, to start off the recipes, is our dinner from last night, and I believe, a fitting first recipe, because I have yet to meet a punk rocker (who was not either a vegetarian or a vegan), who is not a fan of bacon.


1.  take one package of good, flavorful, (but not maple.  I used smoked pepper bacon) thick cut bacon, and slice into about 1 or 2 inch pieces.  it doesn’t need to be separated, it’ll separate as it cooks.  you can put a little oil in the pan, as you’ll be draining the grease off anyway.  put it in a high-sided skillet on about medium-high heat, and chop a fair amount of garlic and onion, at least a few cloves, or else the flavor will be completely drowned out by the bacon.  drain most of the bacon grease and add your garlic and onion, and cover the pan.  stir it ocassionally, to prevent sticking.  at some point, things will pretty much be deep-frying.  don’t worry about it, it’ll get your bacon nice and crispy.  (if you’re not a huge garlic fan, you can saute your garlic and onion in some oil first, and then add your bacon once they’re starting to carmelize.)

2.  once your bacon is crispy and cooked, drain off ALL the grease, turn down the burner to medium and add your tomatoes!  you can use fresh tomatoes in the summer, but I used two cans of fire-roasted tomatoes, which was awesome.  this is also the time for seasoning.  chilli powder adds a bit of spice, and chipotle chilli powder compliments the smokiness of the bacon.  don’t use any salt or pepper (unless your bacon was not peppered), as the bacon is salty enough.  oregano and basil are of course welcome in any pasta sauce.  cover and let simmer over medium-low heat for about 10 min.  in the meantime, cook your pasta.

3.  this is not a meal for boring semolina.  whole wheat pasta will have alot more flavor,  and will be able to hold it’s own against the bacon.  if you used a whole package of bacon, you’ll want 10-12 oz’s of pasta.  put a little olive oil in your water (don’t worry about salting it, or else it’ll be too salty), bring to a boil, add pasta and let it boil for 7-10 minutes depending on how thick your noodles are.  check them after about 7.  whole wheat pasta will taste kind of nutty even when cooked, but you don’t want any crunch to it.  once it’s al dente (firm but not crunchy), rinse it to get it to stop cooking and wash the starch off.  then voila, mix in your sauce!

if you do garlic bread to go along with it, you’ll probably want to roast actual garlic cloves and apply them to your bread, or else, again, it won’t stand up to the bacon.  cucumbers could make a nice, cooling, complimentary salad, but put some vinegar with them, to give them some kick, and avoid salt, unless you’re really craving a coronary.

beverage wise, a nice red wine would be awesome, as would a potential bloody mary, esp. if you tossed in some of that chipotle chilli powder.  or a dark beer.  something with a flavor that won’t be too easily overwhelmed.

so, yeah, bacon ain’t just for breakfast anymore!

-The Domestic Anarchist

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