so, after a blur of shopping and cleaning, tomorrow is thanksgiving!  morally, I must admit, I have some issues with the “origins” of thanksgiving, and the annual time for our government to lie to us about the origins of our country.  however, the real basis, is, of course, an opportunity to appreciate the things and people in our lives that we’re thankful for, eat alot of food, and watch nifty parades.

my plans for dinner?  of course, we’ve got a 15lb turkey, and I’m making apple-cranberry-onion stuffing on the side, to shave a few hours off of the roasting time.  I’m going to pack some potatoes and sweet potatoes around it, and also make mashed sweet potatoes.  then we shall have roasted lemon-garlic broccoli and brussel sprouts, nice and crispy and awesome.  I was going to do green beans, but… meh.  they’re not in season, and all the ones I could find are brown and shriveled or shipped from.  I don’t know.  cuba or something.

then, being a citrus-oriented anarchist, I have orange-cranberry sauce, with fresh cranberries.  biiiiiiiiiiitchin’.

here’s a secret.  making cranberry sauce is a pain in the ass.  however, if you heat the canned sauce, the gelatinous quality kind of breaks down, and you can add orange slices and fresh cranberries and simmer it for about 15 minutes and then chill it, and it’ll reset smoother, sweeter, and more interesting.  better flavor, better texture, and way prettier.

-Domestic Anarchist

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