Dishes – an ever-growing point of contention.

the battle of the dishes is a daily point of contention.  no one wants to wash them.  I am of the opinion that, as the sole provider of meals (by my own choice, since I choose not to live off of “Gom” breakfasts, nachos or ramen, which are the extent of The Husbands cooking skills), I should not also be responsible for cleaning up after every meal.  The Husband is of the opinion that, since I am home all day, while he is at work or at school, I have plenty of time to accomplish such things, before he gets home and takes over the kids so I can start on dinner.  IE: in the evening, after kids are to bed and dinner has been devoured, we both tend to radiate towards relaxation, as opposed to such hideous chores as washing dishes.

the dishes have not been completely done in the past 11 days.  I’ve done a few small batches, but not more than to provide us with dishes for the day.  I even threw down the ultimatum: “if you do the dishes, then I’ll cook dinner.”  which means we subsisted off of ramen and nachos for a couple days, before I got bored and caved in a foodie frenzy, with lasagna, stuffed chicken, and coq au vin.  …the dishes for which were rinsed, and now find themselves sitting on the counter.  …which is better than the rice pudding, which got a dish set on top of the pot, and sat til it acquired weirdness and got scraped into the garbage.

I miss my counter.  I miss cooking.  popcorn, veggie chips, oranges and cheese, even on game night, still bore and disappoint me.

much like Rex Harrison, I find myself complaining “DAMN, DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!”  I’ve grown accustomed to good food.

and I’m the only one that is that worried about it.  The Wizard is thrilled by having popcorn for dinner, and The Husband could happily live off ramen til the end of his days.  and the Squid isn’t even affected.  making my strike frustratingly ineffective.

in other news, my lasagna and coq au vin turned out bitchin’, while the stuffed chicken… definitely needs a new theory.  tastyish… but somewhat bland and excessively greasy.

so, apparently, there are a few things I can’t sneak bacon into.  …though it was badass in the coq au vin.  I see no point in ever using proscuitto, while the bacon gods are still smiling upon us.

-The Domestic Anarchist


2 comments on “Dishes – an ever-growing point of contention.

  1. Emily says:

    I’m a firm believer of: I cooked it, you ate it, I don’t clean it.
    I must say that I’m glad I love and am good at cooking….because I hate doing dishes…
    I would honestly rather stand around a stove for an hour or two cooking food, than stand around a sink scrubbing it off pots and pans.

  2. domesticanarchist says:

    yeah, no shit. I have no understanding of the “slaving over a hot stove” mentality. cooking is fun, and creative, esp. now that I have enough vague knowledge that I have little tidbits in my head that help, so I don’t just go: “AAAHH! not working! not working!”
    thank you, food network.
    dishes aren’t that big of a deal until they pile up. then they’re hell.


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