Sushi Party!

Yesterday was my birthday, and we had a family sushi party.  We made maki-sushi (rolled sushi with nori, or seaweed), and spring rolls (sushi that’s rolled with spring roll wrappers, which are made from rice, as opposed to seaweed).  I got the spring roll wraps because I was worried The Wizard wouldn’t like nori, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.  In fact, he kept a piece of nori that he just ripped pieces off of to munch on, and The Squid loved it as well.  I’m so lucky with my gorgeous kids who love chlorophil!

I was amazed by how easy it was.  The Wizard had a blast, and it was so QUICK.  That’s the best part.  You can eat each roll as soon as it’s ready, and the longest part is the prep work, and as most of the vegetables can be grated, how long does that really take?  You can keep things prepped and in the fridge, even put together in a little “sushi kit” of rice, grated veggies, and desirable seafoods (I’m personally anxious about feeding raw fish to my kids, so we used shrimp and imitation crab).

It’s fun, fast and easy, and it’s something the whole family can do together, collectively.  For the littlest family members, who may choke on an assembled roll, everything is already in pieces, ready to enjoy.

So, I didn’t manage to get any pictures last night, but here’s basically how to assemble a spring roll, which is what I had for lunch today.

okay, so here’s my spring-roll station, all set to go.  fried tofu, spinach, grated carrots and cucumber, and the spring roll wrap.  I also added some crumbled gorgonzola that’s not in the picture but made them awesome.  the bowl of water is for softening the wrap.

1: put the spring roll wrap in warm water just until it’s pliable and you can work with it.  don’t leave it in there too long, or it gets floppy and then it’s a pain in the ass.  careful to lay it flat, or else it sticks to itself.

2: arrange your filling on your wrapper.  think of a soft taco, with everything more or less in the center.

3: fold the bottom of the wrapper up over the filling, as snug as you can to make for easy rolling.


4: fold up the ends so nothing falls out while you’re rolling.  just like swaddlin’ a baby.


5:  roll it on up!  the snugger the better, but don’t worry if your kids roll ’em loose.  they’re still definitely edible, and still definitely tasty.  just somewhat messier.  you might have to get this started for little kids, but rolling is totally the fun part.  and VOILA!  there’s your springroll.

The awesome thing (other than pure easiness) is you can individualize these so much for each family member.  you can make them with rice, noodles or just straight up veggies.  they can be vegetarian, vegan or omnivore.

a note on tofu:  if you want to replicate my spring roll, make sure to get extra firm tofu, and I fry mine with a little olive oil, rice vinegar, pepper and garlic powder.  make sure to drain it when you’re done.  spring rolls should only be greasy if they’re deep-fried.

Just to add some cuteness to this post, here’s The Squid, signing “eat”, ready to dig in to her tofu and grated veggies.

-Domestic Anarchist

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