The Wizard

The Wizard is a brilliant child.

he is presently very opinionated, and very interested in art, poop, star wars, math, photography, forts, video games, board games, card games and all things disgusting.  he is a geek, and openly proud of it.

he has a metal band called “Stinky Dogs Eat Poop”, in which he writes all the songs, sings, and plays guitar, while his sister drums.  his metal voice is beyond belief, and really seems like it should in no way be coming out of someone so small.

his favorite books are The Narnia Chronicles, the Magic Treehouse series, and anything about Star Wars.

musically, he enjoys Oingo Boingo, The Pogues, The Queers, Dragonforce, Metalocalypse, M.C. Chris, They Might Be Giants, a mixed CD of oldschool and newschool pirate music, and the Robin Hood: Men in Tights soundtrack.  …some of those are edited, some of those his listening is limited, but we try not to hold him back from things he’s interested in.  especially since they don’t make metal for children.  at least until he changes that.

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