The Squid

The Squid was born September 5th, 2009.  She is very firm on knowing exactly who she is.  You can ask her, “are you a baby?”  “NO!”  “are you a little girl?”  “NO!”  “are you human?” “NO!”  “well, who are you?”  “I’m SQUID!” and she says this with such pride as to swell a mothers heart with joy, frequently throwing her arms in the air and spinning in a circle with her declaration.

The anarchy inherent in this child is so very obvious.  She is very smart, very outgoing and can be as rude or polite as she chooses when she opts to ignore any instructions (IE: to the question, “Squid, would you put your toys back in the box, please?” the answers can be as varied as:  “Okay!”, “No, thank you.”  or “F*** Y**!”).  She has also been known to put herself in time-outs when she feels she deserves them.

Her interests are: all animals, her endlessly entertaining brother; who can make her laugh like no one else can, cars and trains (not trucks!), guitars, drums, trumping other toddlers with her physical prowess, running and climbing everything in sight, being a princess or a monster, and constantly either “rescuing” all of her toys, or being need of being “rescued” herself.

She has a charming yet mischievous grin and a great sense of adventure.

Musically, her favorite artists are Devotchka, Leftover Crack, The Dresden Dolls, Pedro the Lion, Tom Waits, The Presidents, Kimya Dawson, Me First and The Gimme Gimmes, her uncle Tim, her Dad-Dad, and anything raucous that she can bang on stuff to.

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